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Welcome to UDF Interactive Fence Builder! With our web application, you can explore various fence designs and immediately see what they will look like! Our app allows you to customize your fence with different styles and supplements, so you can find the perfect look for your property.

To get started, try different combinations of the fields in the app below and click on the Calculate button. Choose from five fence styles, four frame types, four fence tops, and other configurations to see over 100 fence designs! Each style offers a unique look, so you can find the one that best fits your home’s aesthetic.

Once you’ve customized your fence to your liking, our app will generate a 3D model of the chosen fence and a unique code for your design. This code can be sent to us, and we will provide you with a price for your custom fence. Our app makes it easy for you to visualize and plan your new fence, and we’re here to make it a reality.

You may start designing your first fence right away and absolutely free in the app below! If you have any questions about input parameters, please check out our Help with Input Fields section. We’ve provided explanations and visualizations for each input field to make it easy for you to understand. Also, remember that you can explore our original fence page as a gallery of our previous projects.

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Help with Input Fields

For a more detailed explanation and example images click on the
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  • Fence style. Currently, we offer five fences styles:  Standard, Oneline, Full Privacy, and two Horizontal ones.
  • Post size. The size of the post can be either 4×4 or 6×6 inches. Fences with 6×6 posts are more reliable and allow you to create more unique design solutions since you can choose two-sided frames, but are more costly.
  • Frame type. For non-horizontal fences, you can customize the frame. We offer you three options apart from the Default one: Arc, Middle and both.
  • Two-sided frame. Choosing this option means that your fence will look the same on both sides. However, due to construction reasons, this is only possible for horizontal fences or for fences with 6×6 posts.
  • Fence top. For non-horizontal fences, you can also choose the top. In addition to the Default option, it can be either a Hat, Custom Hat or Lattice.
  • Fence height. The most common choice is 6 feet, but we also offer fences that are 5 and 4 feet high for a lower price.
  • Fence lenght is specified in feet. If your fence is not straight, enter the total length of all parts. 

Note that height and length parameters do not affect the visualizations you will see and are only needed if you want to know the price of a future fence.

Where to start?

If you do not know where to start, explore these time-tested designs first:

What about prices?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide exact prices on our website. However, you can send us the codes of the fences you are interested in (generated by the app), and we will provide you with an approximate price for free!

To give you a general idea of how prices are organized we provide you with visualizations of which style or top is cheaper and more expensive than others. You can find them by clicking on the help buttons on the right in the Help with Input fields section.

Overall, Online 4×4 is the lowest-cost fence, and Horizontal 6×6 with a two-sided frame is the most expensive one.

Request Quote

We have filled in the email and message fields for you if you have performed any calculations. The message field is prefilled with your selection history but you are welcome to modify it. Also, feel free to ask any additional questions or provide comments and feedback. Please don’t send too many requests at the same time. We recommend choosing up to 3 of the most suitable designs, otherwise your request may take longer than usual.

If you wish, please provide the postal code so that we can take into account logistics and ground features.

After you click on the Send button, we will receive your request and process it as soon as possible.

Fence Style

We offer five main fences styles. However, feel free to contact us about your own ideas.

Three of them are vertical (or non-horizontal):

  • Standard. The frame is placed inside, and fence boards are on the sides with a slight overlap.
  • Oneline. Fence boards are placed in a single line, which does not allow anyone to see the contents of your territory from any angle.
  • Full Privacy. Fence boards are placed overlapping, so your property is in full privacy, even if the boards dry up over time.

And two horizontal ones, which have become more popular in recent times:

  • Horizontal with Visible post.
  • Horizontal with Invisible post.

The title speaks for itself: in the first case, the fence board does not cover the post, and in the second it does.


Standard 4×4 with Lattice


Oneline 4x4

Full Privacy

Full Privacy 6×6 with Hat

Horizontal with Visible Post

Horizontal with Visible Post 6x6

Horizontal with Invisible Post

Horizontal with Invisible Post 6x6

Prices are organized as follows: the Oneline is the lowest price, and both Horizontal styles are the highest; with the Standard and Full privacy between.

Frame Type

The frame is the base of the fence between the posts – the fence board is attached to it.

  • The Default frame consists of two boards – one at the top and one at the bottom. This is the default option for all fences and it cannot be removed.
  • If you cut a semicircle in the upper board of the frame, you will get an Arc. This does not provide additional reliability and only has a decorative sense.
  • You can also add another board in the Middle. This option already enhances reliability, as it is additional support for fence boards.
  • In the end, Arc and Middle frames can be combined. We call this option Arc + Middle.


Oneline 4x4


Full Privacy 6×6 with Arc


Oneline 4x4 with Middle

Arc + Middle

Full Privacy 6×6 with Arc + Middle

Regarding prices, the Default option is the most affordable, and the Arc + Middle is the most expensive.

Two-sided vs One-sided Frame

As we said, the frame is the base of the fence between the posts. The fence board can not be fixed if there is no frame! So one side of the frame is mandatory and default.

The second side of the frame is placed at your will. Basically, this determines that your fence will look the same on both sides but it also provides additional reliability, since fence boards are fixed more strongly. This option is more expensive because it requires extra material.

Take a look at the example. The first image (left) is Online style fence with 4×4 posts. The frame for the section consists of boards marked in red (two boards for the default frame and one board for the default top). You can see that it is impossible to place the second frame on the other side – there is not enough space.

But in the case of the second image (right) – Oneline with 6×6 posts, this is possible because posts are larger. In the case of horizontal posts, we cover them with a fence board on the other side as well so that they look the same.

One-sided frame

Oneline 4x4, one-sided frame

Two-sided frame

Oneline 6x6, two-sided frame

Explore 3D models for various designs and make sure that fence looks different from both sides if this parameter is not specified!

Fence Top

You can customize the fence top for all non-horizontal fences. We offer you the following solutions:

  • The Default top is a standard top for all vertical fences. If the caption does not say Hat or Lattice, it is used;
  • The Hat is two additional boards on top of the default board;
  • The Custom Hat is an additional board with a custom design. In the visualizations, you can see a semicircle as this is the most popular option, but the pattern can be almost any of your choice;
  • And Lattice is a common choice for Standard fence style but can be used for other fences as well.


Oneline 4x4


Full Privacy 6×6 with Hat

Custom Hat

Full Privacy 6×6 with Custom Hat


Standard 4×4 with Lattice

As for the price, the Default option is again the cheapest one, and the Lattice is the most expensive.

Fence Height

The most common choice for fence height is 6 feet, but we also offer fences that are 5 and 4 feet high for a lower price. Any fence can be of any height, but note that this is the final height – so it includes the lattice or other fence top.

These values relate to human height as follows (the average height of a Canadian male is 5 feet 10 inches, and a female is 5 feet 4 inches):

Comparison of the fence height with the average height of a Canadian man and woman

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